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Stewpot Receives Designation as a 501(C)3 Nonprofit Organization

On December 8, 2023, the Stewpot received notification from the IRS Department of the Treasury Tax Exempt and Government Entities of approval as a 501(C)3 Nonprofit Organization. We have been working on getting this approval for the last year. The designation as a 501(C)3 organization provides us with many more grant opportunities. Thanks to CEO James Hyden and Kayce M. Chaney, Hyden, Miron & Foster, PLLC. The company did all the work pro bono.






New Stewpot Board Members

The following individuals were recently elected as new Stewpot Boaard Members.

Top Left - David Gill

Top Right - Hope Hankins

Bottom Left - Bridgett Norwood

Bottom Right - Lorie Scott


Hams for the Stewpot

A generous lady from the Little Rock Chinese Community called Jason and said her group would like to donate some food to the Stewpot . They donated twelve large Petit Jean Hams. These hams will be used for sandwiches, soups and stews.

Thank you Little Rock Chinese Community.


Stewpot Receives 3,000 Pairs of Socks from Bombas

In January of 2023, the Stewpot received 3,000 pairs of socks from Bombas. A total of 12 boxes each containing 250 pairs of socks. The boxes weighed approximately 30 pounds each. The following number and sizes were received in a mixture of over the calf and ankle socks

Total Pairs: 3,000 (12 Boxes)
500 XL Calf 250 XL Ankle 1500 Large Calf 500 Large Ankle 250 Medium Calf
Even though our clothing room is now closed, Stewpot remains a distribution point for Bombas. Stewpot is at liberty to donate the socks to other nonprofit organizations. It is a Bombas policy that the socks cannot be sold. The Stewpot will retain some of the socks which will be given to the Stewpot diners during the normal lunch hours once a month. So far, the following number has been donated to  these organizations.

1 Box to Vera Lloyd Presbytery Service
1 Box to El Zocalo
1 Box to Elaine Community
1 Box to St. Francis House
1 Box to Jericho Way
2 boxes to Compassion Center
2 Boxes to The Van
1 Box to the Canvas Community Methodist Church


Charles Frith Compiles a Short History about the Stewpot - 1976 - 2023

Charlie Frith, past Stewpot Board Chair, has recently compiled a short history about the Little Rock Stewpot. The book has 56 pages and contains many color photos. It can be purchased from for $28.00 which includes tax and shipping.

To view a PDF file of the book, click on the link below:

Stewpot History

To buy a copy of the book, click on the link below:

Buy Book