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Stewpot Board Elects Officers

The Stewpot Board elected officers at their March meeting. The following officers were elected: Nancy Howell, Chair; Charlie Frith, Vice Chair, Ellen Rusell, Secretary and Connie Smith, Treasurer. The new officers are pictured below from left to right: Charlie Frith, Connie Smith, Nancy Howell and Ellen Russell.


Little Rock Christian Academy Student Collects for the Stewpot

Peri Mitchell, an eighth grade student at Little Rock Christian Academy, is pictured with the hundreds of personal hygiene products she asked friends and family to donate for the homeless. Students in her Biblical World View Class read a book called "Do Hard Things". The book challenges teenagers to go out and do something beyond their comfort zone. Mr. John DiVito, their teacher, assigned each student to do a project. Peri chose to help the homeless because she felt this would influence her life not only now, but also in the future. 


Stewpot Worker Donates Shirts to Stewpot

Richard Sparrow works at the Stewpot on the 1st Friday of each month. He and his wife, Joy, are downsizing and are moving into a patio home. While cleaning out their house for moving, he discovered that he had a lot shirts that he could no longer wear. Richard and Joy brought almost 50 shirts of all styles and colors to the Stewpot on Monday, February 25.


Wool Hats for Stewpot

Wool hats for the homeless at Stewpot started as a simple project (an idea of Candice Misenheimer from Westover Hills) but has gone viral with many knitters and crocheters stepping up to offer their skills. After some research, on types of yarn (yarn has to have some wool content to stay warm when it gets wet and of course this affects the price) and what colors the clientele prefer (dark and plain), we chose a yarn called "Thick and Quick" because it makes into a hat so fast. You can make a hat in only 2 hours once you get the hang of it. Many people have offered to help: Fatma, Rukiye, Songul and Gulustan from the Turkish Raindrop House were the first to offer help. The men from Westover Hills Presbyterian Church gave four hundred dollars forthe first batch of yarn. Donna LeBlanc talked to Presbyterian Village Chaplain Stacey Hammons who talked to some residents, who also offered to make hats.Of course, members of the Fiber Arts Group of Westover Hills aremaking hats as well. We hope to have 100 hats by December. If you can help or want to learn (we have the yarn) come to Thursday's Fiber Arts Group at 7pm in the Gathering Space of Westover Hills. You can also text Candice (501-749-1934) for more information.

Candice Misenheimer with some of her friends from the Turkish Raindrop House





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