News and Events

Stewpot Board Elects Officers

The Stewpot Board elected officers at their March meeting. The following officers were elected: Nancy Howell, Chair; Charlie Frith, Vice Chair, Ellen Rusell, Secretary and Connie Smith, Treasurer. The new officers are pictured below from left to right: Charlie Frith, Connie Smith, Nancy Howell and Ellen Russell.


Stewpot Receives $3500 from Constellation Mutual

Nancy Howell, Stewpot Board Chairperson, is pleased to receive a $3500 check from Joyce Wilson who serves at Stewpot on first Wednesdays with Westover Hills Presbyterian. Joyce is employed by Arkansas Mutual Insurance Company, which joins with other medical malpractice mutual companies to form Constellation Mutual. Constellation’s Annual Contribution Drive distributes funds to local, non-profit organizations based on recommendations from employees, like Joyce, who have personal involvement in the organization. 

Charlie Frith, Stewpot Board Vice-Chair; Joyce Wilson; Nancy Howell, Stewpot Board Chair; Connie Smith, Stewpot Treasurer; and Ed Brown, Stewpot Day Manager


Stewpot's First Wednesday Group Prepares a Special Meal

Sliced turkey; Hawaiian buns; nachos and cheese dip; pork and beans with rotel, garlic and onion flakes; sliced tomatoes; applesauce; and sliced dill pickles


Welcome Wesley

Wesley Briggs recently joined the Stewpot as a paid employee. He replaced Cedric Gathers. Wesley will be working on Wednesdays and Thursdays. In addition to helping Ed with his many chores, Wesley will also be helping Barbara in the Clothes Closet on Thursdays. Be sure to welcome him when you see him.



Westover Hills Choir Makes Donation to Stewpot

Ed Brown, Stewpot Day Manager; Mary Lois Stanfield, Ed Stanfield, Nancy Rorex, Manager of Stewpot; Betty Glenn, Nancy Howell, Stewpot Board Chair and David Austin.

The Westover Hills Choir recently made a donation to the Stewpot in memory of Stewart Stanfield, son of Ed Stanfield. Ed worked at the Stewpot for many years as a member of the 1st Wednesday Team & always brought 3 gallons of milk as well as day old pastries picked up from Community Bakery for the Stewpot. Ed was known at the Stewpot as “Seconds,” since he always served seconds (usually food left over from the day before) to Stewpot patrons. Ed was sorely missed when he retired from the Stewpot. 

Thanks to the Westover Hills Choir!




When we first learned that socks are the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, we knew we had to do something. We started Bombas to make an impact on our community by donating a pair of socks for every pair we sold and continue that philosophy of thoughtful giving towards each clothing item we make. No matter what it is, one purchased = one donated.

Bombas recently donated 3,000 pairs of socks to the Stewpot. The socks were delivered during a rain storm and most of the boxes were soaked.  Luckily, the cellophane wrapping of the socks kept them dry.