Charlie Frith encouraged all churches to have an "Undie Sunday" and collect underwear for the Stewpot. Westover Hills Presbyterian Church sponoserd an "Undie Sunday" and look at what they collected.


Undie Sunday Collection from Westover Hills Presbyterian Church



Clinton Library Team

Collect underwear for Stewpot - "Drop Your Drawers"

Pictured left to right: Georgie Bowsher, Martha Ginny Pace,
Jinkie Redden, Helen Pate. Not in picture: Cindy Reyes



Trinity Presbyterian Church collects underwear on November 5.

Pastor Jeff Price. Trinity Presbyterian Church





For many years, the Stewpot served milk to Stewpot patrons. A few years ago, milk became so expensive that Stewpot stopped serving it. Ed Stanfield, a member of the 1st Wednesday Team from Westover Hills Presbyterian Church, offered to bring 3 gallons of milk each month for the 1st Wednesday Team. This meant that the Stewpot patrons received milk on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Ed is retiring after his 1st week in November. In response to the loss of milk for the 1st Wednesdays, the Presbyterian Women of Westover Hills offered to buy three gallons of milk each month for the year 2018. Thank you! Thank you!



Westover Hills Presbyterian Church Holds Alternative Christmas Market

Westover Hills Presbyterian Church held an Alternative Christmas Market after the church service on Sunday, November 12. Charlie Frith, Stewpot Board Chairman, collected donations for the Stewpot. A donation could be made tohelp pay for the items collected for the Stewpot Christmas bags, which will be given out to the Stewpot patrons in December. Individuals could make a donation in honor of someone and receive a card and envelope which could be given to the individual.


Charlie Frith, Stewpot Board Chairman




Clothes Closet

The Clothes Closet is open from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. each Thursday. Stewpot patrons can receive one each of the following items: toiletries, pants, shirt, socks, shoes, etc. The Clothes Closet is always in need of clean men's and women's clothes. The Fleet Feet Sports Easy Runner shoe store, and the Go Running shoe store have both been very conscientious in collecting shoes for the Stewpot.